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We've Partnered with Givz, because shared values are important

Updated: May 27, 2020

Here's your opportunity to reward your customers with charitable dollars.

We understand how difficult these past weeks have been with the Coronavirus pandemic. 

While we’ve all tried to maintain a sense of normalcy and keep operations in motion, it’s a slippery slope deciding how to market to your customers without sounding too vagarious or insensitive.  

To support this, we've partnered with Givz to offer our brand partners the opportunity to reward their customers with charitable dollars (Givz Cash), and to donate to their favorite charities on the frontline of tackling the Coronavirus. Givz is a purpose-driven solution that helps forward-thinking brands stand out through social good to optimize growth, promote meaningful engagement and drive repeat customer action. 

Let's Make an Impact with GIVZ:

We are urging our Brand Partners to use the Givz platform (we are waiving all platform fees) to launch their next marketing campaign to incentivize and reward their customers with charitable dollars (Givz Cash) to donate to the charities of their choice.  Communicating your shared values with your customers is important.  This is the perfect time to encourage your customers to add a purpose driven incentive to their shopping habits. We’re also excited to help you shift the consumer-brand relationship from one that is strictly transaction-based to one that is values-based. 

It’s best to think of Givz Cash as a reward. Here are the applications we see as most relevant right now.

  1. Incentivize: Reward customers for completing a purchase (product, gift cards)

  2. Encourage: Reward customers for promoting an action (social action, user engagement)

  3. Give Back: (gift your customers charitable dollars to allocate on your behalf)

With love and support, 

Tony Triumph

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