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The Triumphant Group and Blue Bite Partner to Bring Innovation at Scale

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

The Triumphant Group and Blue Bite are excited to announce a partnership that brings a new level of innovation for agencies and the clients they serve by offering the ability to easily create engaging, personalized consumer experiences that increase lifetime value.

Brands can now transform physical things into digital platforms at scale, creating better connections with consumers.

Make Better Connections...

Blue Bite is a platform that empowers brands to turn customers into fanatics with personalized mobile experiences — creating long-lasting, owned customer relationships.

The Triumphant Group — experts at innovative brand management, product awareness and promotion strategy — incorporates these experiences into solutions that are implementable at scale.

“What makes our partnership with Blue Bite and agencies so exciting is the ability it creates to bring a new level of innovation that wasn’t previously available,” said Tony Triumph, CEO & Founder of The Triumphant Group. “We’ve put our brains together to create a solution for businesses to create new personalized, dynamic digital connections.”

...That Thrill Consumers

These connections thrill users, creating powerful consumer relationships that drive brand obsession.

“Innovative brands recognize the need for a brand strategy that leverages today's digital world to better reach and serve consumers,” said Alex Kim, Chief Partnerships Officer, Blue Bite. “We are beyond thrilled to partner with The Triumphant Group to make this new kind of business strategy available to agencies and the brands they work with.”

Together, The Triumphant Group and Blue Bite bring an agency solution that efficiently and effectively empowers brands to create better, more connected consumer experiences.


About The Triumphant Group (

The Triumphant Group is a global product and brand management firm providing management, awareness and strategy solutions to the fashion, lifestyle and CPG industries. The group provides strategic management and branding that guides the development of brand DNA, strategies for product awareness, development of assets and game-plans to amplify messaging while creating financial opportunities for businesses as they grow. The Triumphant Group has successfully partnered with top tier brands, including Red Table Talk, Puma and

About Blue Bite (

Since 2007, Blue Bite has been transforming the way people interact with the world by connecting digital information to physical things. The patented platform empowers creators to build dynamic digital experiences and channel them through physical items using technologies like NFC, QR and geofencing. This helps brands solve some of their most pressing challenges including product authentication, delivering personalized consumer experiences, enabling circularity, storytelling and driving additional sales. Blue Bite has enabled tens of millions of products for leading brands worldwide, including adidas, Samsung, BVLGARI, Google, Ford and many more.


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