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Building A Better Brand™


Building A Better Brand® (BABB) is a multimedia EdTech platform and community created to help people and their brands to Build better, Connect more and Thrive as they grow.


From the early stages of the entrepreneurial start-up grind, all the way to the C-suite, we equip leaders of every level and background with digital access to the resources, tools, exclusive events and products necessary for succeeding and staying afloat in the ever-changing brand markets. 

As a byproduct of The Triumphant Group, the vision of the BABB community is to push and uplift the current and emerging breed of brand leaders, owners and academics from “idea to elevation”, “concept to credibility” and “access to equity.” 

We do this by building life-changing products that disrupt traditional access and education, explore untapped resources for connectivity and partnership, and provide insight and opportunities through our podcasts, platforms, conferences, courses, and endless multimedia content as a blueprint for businesses as they evolve.

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